Bookmarking: quickly capture what you find interesting online

Tap is a great way to save the websites you want to reference or revisit. Most bookmark collections end up as a mass of unorganized links, but with Tap it’s easy to quickly sort and organize so nothing gets lost.

If you already have a collection of bookmarks saved in another service such as Pinboard, consider importing them.

When you add a URL to a note Tap automatically grabs the webpage metadata, including title, description and image and attaches it to that note. You can add a URL just as you would any other note, just make sure you include http:// or https:// before the web address.

You can also use the Tap bookmarklet to quickly save webpages from your browser:

Tap capture

Simply drag the link above into your bookmark toolbar. When you're on a site you want to capture click the Tap capture bookmark. A window will appear with the webpage pre-filled in the familiar Tap note text input.

All of the Tap features, including tags, folders, events, and todos, can all be used in conjunction with your notes containing links. For example, file articles into a /read-later folder. Add a tag or two, before or after the URL. Create a todo so you remember to come back and read it.

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