How to...

This guide will help you understand how to take notes and make reports using Tap. The goal of Tap is to help you take better notes faster. In addition to that, Tap gives you ways to review your notes at the most actionable times using Jobs.

Making Notes

The standard tap note is just plain text.

I need a giant wooden spoon.

Try adding a little bit of organization.

/good-ideas Make a giant wooden spoon.

Folders need to be specified at the beginning of the note. Other note components such as tags do not. For example...

/good-ideas Make a giant wooden spoon #cooking #utensils

In the above example #cooking and #utensils are note tags. Later on, when you want to find your note about "giant wooden spoons" you could locate it using the folder /good-ideas or the tag #cooking or #utensils.

In some cases you might want to transform the entire note into a Todo item

/good-ideas TODO Make a giant wooden spoon: #cooking #utensils

A Todo item is another note component that needs to be specified at the beginning of the note. It can also be specified after a folder, as it is in the example above.

Scheduling Spells

Spells do two things: they send you text reminders and digests of your notes via email. They can be as simple as:

Email notes in /good-ideas
Weekly on Monday at 8:00 AM

Or as complicated as:

Email TODO notes in /good-ideas with tags #utensil, #woodworking
Weekly on Monday at 8:00 AM

A text reminder Spell is useful when you need to capture notes every day at some fixed time. Suppose you need to track what you're doing for a client on a daily basis. Set up a text reminder Spell to text you every day, at the end of the day, asking you "What did you do today?"

Email Spells are even more powerful. An email Spell produces digest of your notes by a Folder, Tag or Todo. It will send you an email matching notes with the specified criteria and schedule.

If you don't happen to have any notes for the time period specified, you won't get the email.

To learn more about /Tap, check out some of the advanced features.