Reaction Groups

When you text /tap from an iOS device you can optionally "react" using one of the pre-defined iOS reaction types. In your /tap account this applies a special tag to your note depending on the reaction selected.

Think of the six reactions as groups to quickly file your notes. These six groups will be available for easy access right at the top of your /tap home screen.

To enable this feature you must indicate on your account setting page that you wish to use it.

If you don't have an iOS device you can still take advantage of this organization feature. Any note that includes one of these six tags:

#❤, #👍, #👎, #❓, #‼, and #😂, will appear in their corresponding note category.

Some useful applications for the reaction groups:

Save web pages by mood, text the webpage, apply a reaction with the right mood, done.

Collect Todos by interest:

‼, Could be an urgent Todo❤, could be your passion project.

Categorize spending by emotion, when you track a purchase react to learn how your spending makes you feel.