Signal Connection (Beta)

Tap offers a way to send and receive notes via Signal Messenger. This connection provides a couple advantages over SMS integration:

  • The Tap Signal connection is accessible to anyone with a Signal account. It is not limited to US-based phone numbers.
  • Signal keeps your messages private. Cell carriers do not have access to your Signal messages.


  • The messages you share with Tap via Signal are stored unencrypted. For more information see the security page.
  • The Signal connection is a Beta feature. We are developing it carefully to ensure the highest security standards, but we are still learning the best way to ensure the same reliability as the rest of Tap.

To connect Tap Signal go to your account page and "Add connection" in the Connections section. Input the phone number associated with your Signal account including the country code.

You should receive a verification code from the Tap Signal account. Enter this code on the verification screen and you should be connected.

Try sending a test message to Tap from your Signal account and make sure it gets saved.

You may also want to create a Reminder Spell that sends to your Signal number. To make a reminder visit the Create Reminder Spell Page.