/tap is a note-taking subscription service built by me, Joe Kendall, founder of Thumblab.

I started Thumblab as a software development and consulting business. In the process of running Thumblab, I became more and more dissatisfied with the productivity and financial management programs on the market. So, I started building my own solutions. /tap is the first of these experiments released to the public.

When I set out to build /tap, above all, I wanted a piece of software that did not require installing another app or logging into a website to get things done. The reason for this is because I knew another app, even one I made, would be much less likely to get used than a service or system I'm already routinely engaged with.

To accomplish this goal, the obvious choice was text messages and email. What before required an orchestrated mix of different programs, each with their own user experience and pricing, is now streamlined into something quite simple.

I have developed /tap to be oriented toward privacy and security. I don't want my data sold, and I don't want to be in the business of selling others' data. To that end, I've removed all third party products from the service that might collect /tap users' data for advertising or any other unrelated purpose. I will also continue to implement the best possible security standards and practices to ensure the safety of /tap members' data.