We believe the interface should be programmable

Tap can prompt you for information and send you summaries of what you collected. Combining the workflow tools with different data elements, you can build exactly what you need.

Some things you might do:

The blog is full of other ideas and experiments. And the how to guide gives a nuts and bolts overview.

By the way, you already have the app.

Save records to Tap via text message (SMS), Telegram Messenger, the website, bookmarklet, or API.

Set up Spells to get text reminders and email digests, or programmatic access to your records via a REST API

Automate with Spells

And when you leave

Take Tap to-go.

Tap is committed to making your information useful while you're subscribed and after. Here are some things Tap can do when you decide to go.

Build with Tap

Get started for free.

Upgrade when you need more space or more automations.

And if you need something special Let us know!.