Workout Beans

What with my new life indoors, exercise has become a priority. Remembering to do it, doing it enough, and continuing to do it enough are ongoing challenges.

Wondering about the consequences of not working out doesn't generate enough motivation on its own, I need the smallest amount more.

Here's what I came up with: a workout budget using Beans. I created a recurring note Spell to write a note everyday that says:

Repeating Note

Weekly on Monday at 8:00 AM

What these symbols mean doesn't matter. For me they mean something and if I don't fill the deficit I will have more to do tomorrow.

Losing to the snowman or gorilla is unacceptable. The tree gets me less excited, but I don't want to let it down.

As I exercise throughout the day I send tap notes such as:

At the end of the day or week, I will have a look at my Beans page to review where I am.

I like the flexibility of this system: I can chip away at the Beans throughout the day, or take them on early. I can do more than necessary today and take it easy tomorrow. When I am consistently beating the snowman maybe I'll add another one.

A couple recommendations when you set this up yourself:

Put all your exercise notes in a folder, that way if you do something else with Beans you won't get overlap.

Use whatever symbols make sense to you, body part emojis could work or use words. A bean does not have to be an emoji +situps:10 works just as well.

Set up a text reminder Spell to give yourself a nudge when you're most likely to do the workout.