How to

Tap is a massively powerful and totally customizable note-taking system. Like a blank notebook, its strength comes from its simplicity. With a few special tools, you can build any note-taking system you can imagine, complete with methods to track, organize, and visualize your ideas.

Tap can even be programmed to interact with you. Send prompts or reminders (i.e. What did you do today? or Remember to take your vitamins) or email yourself a periodic digest of your notes.

This guide is where you will find everything you need to unlock your inner wizard.

Getting Started

  1. Getting Started
  2. What is a Tap record?
  3. A brief introduction to your Tap system
  4. Searching your records

Tap Elements

  1. Organize! Where to put things and how to find them
  2. Attachments: Collect images and other files
  3. Todos: Getting things done
  4. Bookmarking: quickly capture what you find interesting
  5. Tracking Events: understand the patterns of your life
  6. Bean counting: budgeting and bookkeeping can be so simple
  7. Formulas are for calculating numbers
  8. Changing the dates
  9. Pinning Notes to the top


  1. Magic Spells: remembering to write and remembering what you wrote
  2. API Documentation: create your own integrations


  1. Exporting a Static Website


  1. Importing Content into Tap

For more ideas on how to use Tap, check out the Blog.