Attachments can be images, PDFs, videos or most any other files you may want to include with your record. You can add as many as you like as long as they're less than 10mb each.

To include an attachment: there's a paperclip icon under the record form, press that, select the file and it will be included in your record. You can also drag and drop files from your computer to the record form.

When you include an attachment in your note you'll notice text gets added in the following format:

://("attachment destination" "attachment title")
   ("image preview" "preview title optional")

You may change the titles, but altering the destination and image preview will make the attachment inaccessible.

You may use this format to include references to pages and images hosted elsewhere on the internet as well. For example:

://("" "Take me there") 👈 is a link

://()("" "Cat") 👈 is an image without a link

Or they can be combined 👇

://("" "Take me there")
   ("" "Cat")
The final example will be an image of a cat that links to Hacker News. 

Why not?