Announcement: Formulas

It has been a while, but we've been working hard to bring some new developments to the /tap platform and we're excited to finally share them with you.

First, Formulas are now available. Documentation for their use can be found in the How-to Guide. Formulas can do normal math stuff such as add, subtract, multiply and divide, slightly more advanced math stuff, and they can reference the value of Beans. The syntax to invoke a formula is $$(<NAME>)(<FORMULA BODY>). There is a reference for valid name values, formula body syntax, and API.

Also, all /tap elements that include a name portion, i.e. folders, tags, events, beans, formulas will match quoted text in addition to the regular name format (characters, emojis, etc. without spaces). The technical details are outlined in the How-to guide.

The new name portion is useful because it doesn't limit the possibilities for what you might want to call something. If you happen to want a folder "With a really long and descriptive name with special CAPITALIZAtion" that's totally fine, we support that now.

Lastly, a minor change, Beans are now formatted with a ":" between the name portion and the number. The ":" is still optional.

The change to Beans was necessary to make the name portion of the bean consistent with other /tap elements and also prevent ambiguity between what is the name and what is the number portion of the Bean element.