Announcing Email Capture

By popular demand capturing notes via email is now available! On your account page you will find a section with an email address that’s been assigned to your account. Any email you send to that address will be saved in Tap.

The note created in Tap will be the email subject followed by a blank line then the email body content. At the moment email capture only supports plain text emails. All note elements will be captured including URLs, Beans, Events, Formulas, Etc.

Please note, anyone with access to this email address will be able to save notes to your account. Be careful not to accidentally distribute it to others. If you believe the address has been compromised please contact us ASAP and we will disable it.

In addition to capturing notes via email, you also have the ability to create a Reminder Email Spell. This Spell behaves just like a Text Reminder, except it’s an email.

One last note: if you really don’t like the email that has been assigned to you let us know and we will change it. The emails are generated randomly, and though we haven’t seen anything that is cause for concern, we respect and endeavor to support your own aesthetic sensibilities.