Announcement: Create Websites From Your Notes and Records

First, some general info:

  • We're starting up a Discord server. Please join! We'd love to chat with you!
  • Also, Canadian numbers are now available via SMS! If you have a Canadian number there's nothing special you need to do, just connect from the account page.

OK, the main event: there's been a lot of talk about vendor lock-in with Tap and similar services. The problem is: you save all this information in Tap, then for whatever reason you want to leave. What happens to all your information? How will it continue to be useful to you? After all you've been building a collection for a long time. That stuff is yours right?

Tap already has a pretty good export feature, but we think can do better to help members in the after-Tap. Obviously, we'd love you to stay a Tap Member Forever, but that should always come with the choice to leave no questions asked. And the choice to leave shouldn't cost you. You've already paid!

To that end, we're introducing Records To-Go. Think of it like this: while you're a Tap member you're building a collection of records. At any time (or When you decide to leave Tap) we'll build you a website (comprised of all your records) for you to take away.

We could build lots of different things, but we are starting with two:

  • A static HTML website: a downloadable zip containing your entire collection of records as HTML files and images. Once you've downloaded your site you can host it wherever you like (topic of a future post). Or, you can keep it private on your own computer. Think of this site like a completed notebook, it's all filled up, organized and ready for your leisurely perusal.
  • Raw data: an industry standard format of all the stuff you've put into Tap. This artifact could be used to reconstruct your Tap collection in any number of different forms: a different service, you're own homegrown solution, a personal database, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Let us know if there's something you have in mind!

Some things we're already considering:

  • Customize the design of your site with themes
  • limit the export to a specific tag or type of record
  • Different data formats ie. CSV, Doc, etc.
  • Raw data separated by type: beans, events, urls, etc.

Other important news:

  1. We finally implemented the feature we highlighted in an earlier email: only the records residing in the current folder will be shown. Formerly all records were visible, including the records of sub-folders
  2. The landing page has been streamlined and shows the most recent records regardless of folders and pins
  3. A lot of the setting and tools that were included on the account page have been moved to a new "Build" page. The new page is intended to be a place where everything other than strictly making notes is, well, built.