Programming Notebook

This is a quick write up on how I use Folders and Tags to organize my work notes.

I build software for lots of different projects, my day job, /tap, other moonlighting, and random curiosities. In the course of work for these projects and a strong habit browsing Hacker News, I encounter a lot of interesting things online.

So much of the useful posts and pages I encounter are important to all of my projects but particularly important to one. To organize a note that relates to a programming concept I always file it in the folder it is immediately applicable to, for example /tap and I add a tag #proglog.

Something like this:

Separately I have an Email Digest Spell set up to email me all the #proglog notes Saturday morning when I'm likely to read through technical material.

Email Digest

Notes in / with tags #proglog
Weekly on Saturday at 8:00 AM