The /tap Parsing Engine, sowhat

Another big announcement, the parsing engine of /tap, called sowhat, has been released as open-source software.

There is a lot of power in the /tap system and I want to provide members with the tools and support they need to harness that power. I also want to find better ways to show what /tap has to offer for anyone considering a subscription. By releasing sowhat as open-source software, we are opening the possibility for you to interact with /tap, understand how it works, and even integrate /tap functionality into your own projects  -- all totally free. I am excited about all these possibilities!

I'll always endeavor to find new and better ways to illustrate how /tap can help you. For now, my suggestion is to read about what /tap has to offer in the how-to guide and take advantage of our 14-day free trial. Also, head over to Github and consider integrating sowhat in your own projects!

Note: sowhat has a couple features not yet available in /tap, look forward to support for those in the coming weeks.

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have through the sowhat discussions page.