Tracking Events: understand the patterns of your life

With Events, /tap becomes a powerful personal tracking tool.

Any /tap note can include an Event. Simply prefix a word or an emoji with an exclamation point (!), and that word or symbol becomes an Event. That Event will then be charted in time in the /tap system.

There are lots of things you might want to track: mood, food, energy levels, sleep, exercise, personal health, family routine, headaches, positive habit formation, work activities… The list goes on. But unlike other personal tracking apps, /tap allows you to build your own system. For example: the emojis you use have whatever meaning you give them. In the example above, I have decided to use color to define my mood. And because Events can be categorized just like other notes, you can easily reuse symbols, designating different meanings for different folders.

By using an Event command in your note, you can use the /tap interface to view that Event (and its associated note) on a chart over time. This allows you to easily spot trends and changes.

Now, suppose you need help remembering to record a particular Event. Use a Spell to create a text reminder. Schedule /tap to text you when you're most likely to encounter the event.

Text Reminder

Did you see that?
Daily at 4:30 PM

Events follow a few simple rules:

  • First, they must start with a "!", for example "!did"
  • Second, They cannot contain spaces.
  • Last, after the "!" they must contain alpha-numeric characters, emojis, "_" or "-"

You can put them anywhere in a note: beginning, middle or end. Multiple Events can be included in a single note.

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