Where is Goldhat?

Sad as it is, Goldhat had to be retired. But the promise of Goldhat's vision: taking control of our finances, making sense of irregular income, budgeting, bookkeeping — is developing within /tap.

/tap is a massively powerful and totally customizable note-taking system. With a few special tools, you can build any type of note-taking system you want, complete with methods to track, organize, and visualize your ideas.

Within this framework, I created a way to track commodities (money or otherwise) through a special feature called Beans.

Beans are simply a way to track an amount or quantity of something: cash, time, chickens, coconuts, toilet paper, or pearls. If I’ve piqued your interest already, it's worth taking a look at the full guide on Beans.

Within the /tap interface, you can see your “Bean Report.” Depending on how you use Beans, the report can extract meaningful information including how much you are saving, whether you are adhering to budget, and ways to handle unexpected expenses.

Combining other /tap features can make Beans more flexible and thus more useful.

For example, Beans can be organized into any Folder. This allows you to track money in one folder, time in another folder, and coconuts in a third. Each folder, if it contains Beans, will generate its own report.

You can also enhance the power of Beans with Spells. Automate /tap to set a recurring budget.

There is a lot more planned for /tap, as well as for Beans, specifically. Expect to see the following soon:

  • A Spell to email you a Bean report for specific time ranges
  • A Spell that automatically synchronizes with the banks to create Beans of transaction data
  • A notation rule to enforce double-entry bookkeeping

If you have something you would like to see, please don't hesitate to get in touch at hello@tatatap.com