Importing Notes

There are two primary ways to import notes into Tap: using a generic CSV or using one of our service-specific imports such as the Google Keep importer. The available service-specific importers are:

  • Google Keep
  • Pinboard

Before you can import notes into Tap you need to make an export in a format compatible with one of the Tap importers. Specific instructions for the different importers can be found here:

Once you have your export file you are ready to begin importing into your Tap system. The importers are available via the following links:

Import Process

All the importers follow the same process.

  • First, select the export file or folder
  • Then, define a note template
  • Review a few sample notes
  • Run the import

Note Templates

The template is what allows you to transform your record (bookmark, note, etc) from whatever service into a Tap note. For service-specific importers we have tried to set a default template so that you can use it as-is or with minor edits.

Each record from your export file will usually create one Tap note. So every bookmark or Keep note will be a single note in Tap. The template is the format the record will take once it's imported. Each record from the origin service will have different values that will be substituted for the markers in the template that look like {{ some_value }}.

The available values are shown on each importer page. The values available in the generic CSV importer depend on the header values in the specified CSV. Once the CSV is selected the available values will be shown in the importer.


Once the export file or folder is selected a sampling of notes will be rendered. If those notes are formatted the way you want all that's left to do is run the import.

Managing Imports

After you complete the import you will be taken to a page with all of the notes that were just imported. If any notes failed to import they will be listed at the top along with an indication of how many failed. If the import is not what you expected and you want to run it over again, you can simply delete the entire import and it will get rid of all the notes.

Keep in mind if you make edits to an imported note, then delete the import those edits will be lost.

If any of your notes are too long to be a single note, Tap will break it up into multiple notes with a pagination indication at the end of each note. These notes will appear together in the correct sequence.

All imports can be seen on the imports page.