Element Name Format

Folders, Tags, Events and Beans all include a Label portion. The Label portion is the part that specifies the name of the element. For example: the tag #omg, the Label portion is omg.

The Label portion can be any alphabetic character, currency character, or emoji followed by up to 18 alpha-numeric characters, currency characters or emoji characters. The Label portion can also be any quoted text.

That all might sound complicated, but it's pretty intuitive.

Here are some valid Tags:

  • #hello
  • #$-bills
  • #"Monkey Boogers"
  • #a1-sup3r-4w3s0m3

And here are some invalid tags:

  • #000
  • #-OK
  • #_hello_
  • #Monkey Boogers Note: this would register as the Tag #monkey

A couple other important notes on labels:

  • All non-quoted text labels will be converted to lower case
  • Quoted text, once captured will be rendered without the quotes