What is a /Tap note?

Any text can be a /tap note! There are no restrictions on what text you can send to /tap, but some symbols will give your note special powers.

Making notes is as simple as sending a text to your assigned number, (the number /tap texts you from).

You can also log in to your account and make notes there. Once you log in, directly above your feed of notes you will see a button that says "Add Note". Click it, and you will see an input box for your next note.

For a more detailed introduction to the components of your /tap system, check out the section of this guide on the /tap system.

Finally, /tap offers a bookmarklet:

/tap capture

Use the bookmarklet to quickly save webpages to your notes, along with any addition note text.

Making Notes

The standard tap note is just plain text.

Try adding a little bit of organization.

Folders need to be specified at the beginning of the note. Other note components such as tags do not. For example...

In the above example #cooking and #utensils are note tags. Later on, when you want to find your note about "giant wooden spoons" you could locate it using the folder /good-ideas or the tag #cooking or #utensils.

Learn more about folders and tags in the next section, Organization: where to put things and how to find them.

In some cases you might want to transform note into a Todo item

A Todo item is another note component that needs to be specified at the beginning of the note. It can also be specified after a folder, as it is in the example above.

Similar to a Todo, you might just want to indicate that you have completed something. Using all the same rules as a Todo, replace the word "Todo" with "Done".

For more information on creating notes, see also the section on making notes in the /tap system guide.

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