Organize: Where to put things and how to find them

The central organization technique used in /tap is Folders. A folder is simply a word or series of characters, preceded by a slash, at the beginning of a note. See below:

The folder is the portion of the note highlighted yellow. As you can see, folders can also be nested. The folder "/biz" will appear as a sub-folder inside the "/good-ideas" folder.

See the section on finding notes in the /tap system guide.

Just as you might sort the files on your computer, you can organize your notes via project, interest, priority or anything else. Once you have placed a note in a folder you can navigate to that folder from within the /tap UI.

Tags add another organization layer to further enhance your notes. When to use a Folder and when to use a Tag really comes down to personal preference. Notes live in one folder (or sub-folder) but can contain as many tags as you like.

To create a tag, simply include a "#" before any word. A tag can include "_" and "-" but not spaces. See below:

Tags are good for quickly describing a note. For example, you may want to save a web article to read later. You know the topic of the article, but maybe not what folder you’d like to use. Use the topic of the article to assign a few appropriate tags.

Pro Tip: You can use Spells to send yourself a collection of notes based on Tag or Folders. For example: by tagging notes with link "#to-read", you can create a weekly list of articles to read sent to you on the weekend, when you're most likely to do the reading.

Email Digest

Notes in / with tags #to-read
Weekly on Saturda at 8:00 AM

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