By default Tap notes are sorted in reverse chronological order, the most recent notes up top. This way, you see your most recent notes first. But sometimes a notes is extra important, you don't want it subject to the arbitrary laws of time imposed by clueless websites.

For this reason Tap developed Pins. Pins take a note outside the time ordered list and force them to the top. To include a Pin in your note, simply add an asterisk to the very beginning of the note * This note is pinned so good.

Pins are great, but they are also better than great. By adding a number after the asterisk, you can send a note up or down among other pinned notes. For example *100 this note is pinned so good. will appear after *1 this note is pinned better.

Any integer between 0 and 999 will work. If you don't include the number, the pin will be treated as having the number 0.