Tap offers a way to send and receive notes via Telegram Messenger. This connection provides a couple advantages over SMS integration:

  • The Telegram connection is accessible to anyone with a Telegram account. It is not limited to US-based phone numbers.
  • Telegram keeps your messages private. Cell carriers do not have access to your Telegram messages.


  • The messages you share with Tap via Telegram are stored unencrypted. For more information see the security page.

To connect Tap Telegram all you need to do is start a conversation with the Tap bot, @tatatap_com_bot.

You should receive a verification link from the Tap Telegram account. Follow this link to a logged-in Tap account and you should be all set.

Try sending a test message to Tap from your Telegram account and make sure it gets saved.

You may also want to create a Reminder Spell that sends to your Telegram account. To make a reminder visit the Create Reminder Spell Page.