Getting started

Creating an account

Creating a /tap account is as simple as entering your email and a password on the signup page. After you verify your email address you will be able to subscribe with a free trial.

Once subscribed, you will notice there are a few notes in your account. Those notes are a summary of information you will find in this guide.

To get the most out of /tap, add and verify your phone number. This allows you to text notes directly to /tap via the number that sent the verification.

Making notes

Create a note by sending a text to the /tap phone number, or enter one on the /tap web interface. Log in at and you will see and you will see a button that says "Add Note" directly above your “Feed” of notes.

Any text can be saved as a note. But with /tap, certain symbols can give your note extra power. Each of these powers (Folders, Events, Todos, Beans) will be covered in-depth later in this guide.

Use magic, create Spells

Spells create ways to interact with your notes. Use them to send you text reminders, digests of your notes and more.

What's the point of capturing your thoughts and ideas if you never read them again?

Available Spells

  • Text Reminder: schedule a text reminder to help you collect important information: what you did today, how you feel, where you are, etc.
  • Email Digest: schedule an email to send with all the reading material you collected throughout the week.
  • Todo Email: start your day off strong with an email listing what you need to do.
  • Done Email: receive an email reminding you of all your daily accomplishments. Celebrate your wins!
  • Repeating Note: get on top of hard to remember task by  automatically saving a Todo, Bean or Event.

Next, read all about /tap notes...