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Notes API

/tap now offers a simple REST API to manage your notes. The goal of /tap is to save your information before it's lost. To do that /tap provides tools to…

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Now available to /tap user is the /tap CLI. The CLI provides the basic /tap functionality: creating and retrieving notes. The benefit of using the CLI is if you are…

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Workout Beans

What with my new life indoors, exercise has become a priority. Remembering to do it, doing it enough, and continuing to do it enough are ongoing challenges. Wondering about the consequences of not working out doesn't generate enough motivation on its own, I need a small nudge.

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Logging Work

I've been an independent contractor for a long time. I enjoy the work, but there are a couple things I don't enjoy; one is submitting my invoices. On the surface it's not clear why this process is a drag. After-all it's the thing that's going to get you paid. What's the problem?

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